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    Learn to Bartend at New Yorks largest Bartending Training School. Start Bartending and begin our 100% Free Job Placement assistance. Call 1-800-BARTEND

Professional Bartending Classses
Learn to Bartend.

Professional Bartending Classses

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We have 5 Bartending Schools

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    Bartending Classes

    Start Bartending, take our Professional Training Classes

  • Bartender Jobs
    100% FREE job placement

    Start making $250 to $300 per night as a professional bartender

  • Guest Bartending
    Make money while you learn

    Gain experience at real bars, while keeping your tips/money

  • Flair Bartending School
    Learn to Bartend with style

    Learn the hottest looking bartender tricks

  • Hands on bartender training
    Hands on Bartender Training

    Our Training Facilities are all set up like real bars & lounges

Thousands of Bartender students Trained

Thousands of Bartender students from all backgrounds and all ages have learned the art of the pour inside our New York Bartending School Training classrooms, which are set up as "cocktail" lounges right down to the shot glasses and fully equip working Bars. Our Bartender program also offers a Free Wine Seminar , Guest Bartending, 100% Free Job Placement & a Flair Program where the more advanced can learn how to flip a bottle and charm.

Making bartending & mixing look easy is the goal

Making mixing look easy is the goal at Allstar Bartenders Bartending Schools at all of our New York City - Long Island and Queens Bartending Schools. The Bartending School was founded in 1989 with the simple mission to “make better bartenders.” Thousands have learned Mixology 101 in Allstar’s Bartending Schools classrooms, all of which are set up like actual cocktail lounges - with full bars, ice machines, jukeboxes, and everything else a student of Bartending could need. Mixologist Gregg Lewis brings more than 28 years of experience to his students. Allstar Bartending School describes the art of Bartending Training as being a conductor. “You take several different pieces of produce, juices, and purees , mix them in with different beverages and liquor, and you get a fantastic result.” This love of the process has taken Allstar Bartending School all the way to the top of the Bartender Training in New York. With Bar tender Schools in Manhattan as well as in Kew Gardens, the hope is that 1-800-BARTEND- Allstar Bartending Schools success will ultimately translate into a consistency in the Bartending world. As Gregg explains, “I wrote the Bartender Training in an attempt to get as many Bartenders using the same recipes for the same drinks as possible.” Here’s to a future with uniformly delicious mixed drinks.
If you want to be an AllStar behind the bar

If you want to be an AllStar behind the bar, you gotta start at AllStar Bartender’s Training, bartending school (1800Bartend). Great bartending begins with great teachers, and owner/founder Gregg Lewis has been in the hospitality industry for nearly three decades. His bartending schools is the largest training center for bartending in New York, with Bartender locations in Manhattan - New York City, Kew Gardens - Queens , Selden - Suffolk County and Route. 110 - Nassau County, Long Island and New York City Bartending School. Once you’ve completed the curriculum AllStar Bartenders Training also offers job placement assistance at restaurants, hotels, nightclubs and bars throughout the U.S. As Gregg likes to put it, why “Barspend” when you can Bartend? Thousands of students from all backgrounds and all ages have learned the art of the pour inside the classrooms.

Founded in October 1989

Owner Gregg Lewis opened his first Bartending School Classroom back in Medford Long Island in 1989. Since then Allstar Bartenders Training, Inc has locations throughout the New York State area. Allstar Bartenders Training, Inc also goes by the name of 1-800-BARTEND.
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About us:

Our Mission
Make learning to be a professional bartender and gaining employment an easy and enjoyable experience.

What we do
We are defined by our leadership role and unparalleled experience in Bartender Training and Staffing
Our high profile Bartending School locations in key areas such as; New York City, Queens, Nassau County, and Suffolk County. Continues our leadership role and unparalleled experience in Bartender Training and Staffing.